December Greenification Program Winner

Capital Thai has been supportive of WICKED from day 1! They have created a WICKED Theatre Menu, introduced GREEN lighting in the restaurant and displayed WICKED brochures. The Capital Thai staff look OZ-SOME in the WICKED Australia t-shirts and they provide an excellent dining experience for all! Capitol Theatre patrons love dining next door and Capital Thai, and you should drop and try their delicious food for yourself.

We would like to thank John Pompanya, the restaurant’s owner, by inviting John and a guest to see WICKED at the Capitol Theatre. The Winning Package includes: 2 x A-reserve tickets, 2 signature cocktails, 2 ice creams and a WICKED program.

In addition a story about Capital Thai will be shown on the WICKED facebook page: & also here in the news section of the WICKED website

Congratulations to John and the Capital Thai team!


21A Campbell St. Haymarket, Sydney 2000
Tel: 9211 1130