October Winner Of Greenification Program!

he November winner is:
Starbucks Haymarket,
730-742 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000.

Grant Garlick (store manager) has been very supportive of the Greenification process and has helped to do the following at the Haymarket Starbucks Store: introduce a WICKED DEAL in their store, provide a free upgrade of drink size for ticket holders and create a special WICKED FRAPPACHINO.

Starbucks have also created table tents & posters with a WICKED design! We will also run a story about Starbucks Haymarket on our facebook page very soon:www.facebook.com/wickedinoz

We would like to thank Starbucks Haymarket by inviting Grant and a guest to see WICKED at the Capitol Theatre. The Winning Package includes: 2 x A-reserve tickets, 2 signature cocktails, 2 ice creams and a WICKED program. Congratulotions to the Starbucks team!