Education – Acknowledgements

There are a number of excellent educational packages and extensive background materials already in existence for WICKED.  These notes draw freely from their structure and inspiration, whilst attempting to limit blatant plagiarism. Three primary sources of ideas were the WICKED Active Learning resources from the UK, Stage Notes: A Field Guide for Teachers from Camp Broadway in the USA and the original Active Learning Teacher Booklet written by the late Rob Galbraith for the Australian premiere season.

Accompanying the original material, there is an amalgam of contributions to date deriving from the aforementioned study notes, newspaper and magazine articles, websites and related publications such as The Grimmerie. Script excerpts from WICKED are by Stephen Schwartz (Music and Lyrics) and Winnie Holzman (Book). Some leeway has been assumed because this is not an academic study, the notes are not for sale and the package is designed solely for the benefit of teachers and students. Sincere apologies are offered to anyone who feels that their work has been taken out of context or used without appropriate attribution. The intention has not been to claim unwarranted credit, but simply to increase the educational benefit for teachers and students attending a performance of WICKED.

These WICKED Education Materials have been written by David Perry for the Melbourne season and added to and updated by Lisa Jinga for the Sydney season and Adrianne Jones for the Brisbane season with assistance from the WICKED Company.