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Perth Education


School Groups 12+ Save (Wed 1pm & 8pm, Thurs 8pm): $50.90* per person.  Groups 20+ one teacher goes free.

Call Ticketek Groups 1300 364 001 or email

Not recommended for students below 8 years of age.

*A transaction fee of $9.95 applies per booking and credit card fees apply.



WICKED would like to give students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding into
the many elements that make WICKED a magical production.

A free post performance presentation will take place from 4 – 4.30pm for selected performances
after Wednesday matinees only throughout Term 2*.

These presentations are available upon request when you make School Bookings.


A member of the WICKED Australia Creative Team will talk to students about the unique elements that make musical theatre one of the most challenging and rewarding art forms to create and perform.

The WICKED Company will explore the collaborative process that creates a musical, focusing on WICKED’s adaptation from the pre-existing novel by Gregory Maguire and taking students through the distinctive process in which musicals are written.  The process in which WICKED was brought to the stage, shining a light on the show’s themes, creative elements such costumes and production design and on the different roles that combine to make this musical come alive will then be highlighted.

This exclusive look behind the scenes of WICKED will also give students a new insight to the Arts and Entertainment Industries.

*Dates are as follows: May: 13 & 27, June: 10 & 17


Lesson Plans

The following Lesson Plans and activities are designed for English, Drama, History, Music, Technology and Enterprise (Design), Visual Arts, VET Entertainment and Theatre for International Baccalaureate.

Using these Resources

These lesson plans provide suggestions as to how the resource materials within the website can be used.  All of the activities can be differentiated by outcome and experience so they are just as relevant as related materials for Year 12 English or Year 9 Drama.


Teacher Tools

This section has been designed to provide teachers with a set of interactive tools for use in class including a WICKED Quiz, WICKED Crossword, Bullying Powerpoint and Behind the Scenes Footage. These items are ideal to complement the Teacher Lessons or for stand-alone lessons.

WICKED Bullying Powerpoint

PowerPoints titled WICKED: Bullying, Belonging and Integrity have been created for cross-curriculum work on bullying.  The powerpoints (which have been saved for convenience in a PDF format) are divided into three sections:
Download Popular
Download Prejudice
Download Propaganda

“Are You More Glinda Or More Elphaba?” Quiz

When using the INTERPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Lesson Plan’s ‘Popularity’ section you may wish to get your students to take the “Are You More Glinda Or More Elphaba?” Quiz. This can also be used as a fun stand alone activity.

WICKED Crossword

Test how much your students have remembered about their visit to WICKED with this WICKED Crossword.
Download WICKED crossword.
Download WICKED crossword answers.

Behind the Emerald Curtain Show Footage

For viewing when using the WICKED Ideas for Art/Visual Communication Design Lesson Plans, or to give your students an insight into what happens behind the scenes. The Behind the Emerald Curtain webisodes are part of an ongoing video series exploring the backstage magic at WICKED.


WICKED is a wonderful way to introduce students of all ages to theatre.  It can be used as a resource when teaching a number of subjects in the Western Australian Curriculum, including:

  • Drama
  • English
  • History
  • Music
  • Technology and Enterprise (Design)
  • Theatre for International Baccalaureate
  • Visual Arts
  • VET Entertainment

WICKED addresses values of the Western Australian Curriculum Framework including:

  • Self-acceptance and respect of self;
  • Respect and concern for others and their rights; and
  • Social and Civic Responsibility

Ideas have been provided which can be used as stimulus for discussions about topics such as friendship, accepting differences, personal values and the consequence of choices.  Essential themes such as stereotyping, prejudice and moral understanding can be adapted into many subjects in ‘student friendly’ ways.

Lesson plans provide suggestions as to how the resource materials within the website can be used.


There are a number of excellent educational packages and extensive background materials already in existence for WICKED.  These notes draw freely from their structure and inspiration, whilst attempting to limit blatant plagiarism. Three primary sources of ideas were the WICKED Active Learning resources from the UK, Stage Notes: A Field Guide for Teachers from Camp Broadway in the USA and the original Active Learning Teacher Booklet written by the late Rob Galbraith for the Australian premiere season.

Accompanying the original material, there is an amalgam of contributions to date deriving from the aforementioned study notes, newspaper and magazine articles, websites and related publications such as The Grimmerie. Script excerpts from WICKED are by Stephen Schwartz (Music and Lyrics) and Winnie Holzman (Book). Some leeway has been assumed because this is not an academic study, the notes are not for sale and the package is designed solely for the benefit of teachers and students. Sincere apologies are offered to anyone who feels that their work has been taken out of context or used without appropriate attribution. The intention has not been to claim unwarranted credit, but simply to increase the educational benefit for teachers and students attending a performance of WICKED.

These WICKED Education Materials have been written by David Perry and adapted by Lisa Jinga, Adrianne Jones and Lorraine Scorer with assistance from the WICKED Company.