Welcome to the WICKED Australia Education Materials. These materials have been developed with secondary students in mind to help you explore the production with your students. The kit has been developed to meet Australian Curriculum requirements, including the subject areas of EnglishHumanities & Social Sciences, and the Arts, as well as the General Capabilities of Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding. Enjoy the show and your pre and post show explorations!


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The Q&As will be a unique opportunity to hear directly
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Australian Education Materials

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Section 1 - Good versus Wicked

Activity: Good and Wicked

Activity: Wickedness

Activity: Defying Gravity

Section 2 - Appearances and Differences

Activity: Respect

Activity: A Celebration Throughout OZ

Activity: A Celebration Throughout OZ - Worksheet

Activity: Quirks

Activity: Quirks - Worksheet

Activity: Galinda-fied

Activity: Galinda-fied - Worksheet

Activity: One Person's Trash

Activity: Emerald City Filter

Section 3 - Friendship

Activity: Loathing

Activity: Dancing Through Life

Activity: For Good

Section 4 - Popularity

Activity: Popular

Activity: Unpopular People

Section 5 - Propaganda and Critical Thinking

Activity: Scapegoat

Activity: The Truth

Curriculum & Support Resources


Humanities and Social Sciences

The Arts

General Capabilities and Support Resources

Credits & Bio

Educational Videos

Marc Platt on the power of WICKED

Producer Marc Platt talks about WICKED’s key themes, the unique journey of the two lead characters; Glinda and Elphaba, and the amazing backdrop of the magical land of Oz. Find out what makes WICKED a story that transcends culture and language.

Meet Australia's Glinda and Elphaba

Get to know WICKED Australia’s leading ladies – Courtney Monsma as GlindaSheridan Adams as Elphaba as they share how they prepare for their roles and what traits about their character they most see in themselves.

Stephen Schwartz on the music of WICKED

Learn the inspiration behind WICKED Composer, Stephen Schwartz’s creation of the key musical themes for WICKED including the distinctive themes for each of the lead characters; Glinda and Elphaba.

Lisa Leguillou on the rehearsal process

Go behind the scenes with Director Lisa Leguillou and hear all about the rehearsals process. Find out about key stages and most valuable aspects of rehearsals. Hear Lisa’s thoughts on what makes WICKED such an enduring global success.

Karen Johnson Mortimer on rehearsals to opening night

Resident Director, Karen Johnson Mortimer shares her insights into the journey from rehearsals to WICKED’s official opening night. Go behind the scenes and learn how the cast and crew work towards becoming performance ready.

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